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Highlights of ways to use BXTC to help you succeed with
Economic Offsets / Countertrade / Foreign Industry Participation Programs
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Program management:

BXTC can help you establish effective procedures to manage offsets, across programs and countries;

Use BXTC to support you in negotiations with foreign businesses and regulatory officials;

Use our help to solve offsets-related legal and tax issues, marketing, contracts, logistics, technology transfers, data exchanges, training, technical assistance teams, subcontracting, local regulatory issues, Customs, and more;

BXTC can raise your profile to appropriate officials in-country during the formative phase of your offset program, to help you achieve recognition of credit eligibility later during your performance;

Use BXTC to assist you with U.S.A.  ITAR and EAR export licensing, and with import matters;

We will help you to systematically ensure that credit-worthy activities of your sub-tier participants help satisfy your offset credit obligation.

Proposal phase:

BXTC will make it easier for you to formulate transactions conformed to your customer country's offset credit eligibility rules. You can then nominate these in your sales proposal;

For designated work and other direct offset transactions, BXTC can apply our experience in coaching your formulation of eligible transactions that make sound business sense;

For indirect offsets, BXTC can formulate appropriate eligible transactions for you on a turnkey basis, quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

Execution phase:

When you win your primary sales contract, use BXTC to help you efficiently implement solutions that will earn offset credits;

BXTC can help you to justify offset credit valuation, to assemble periodic reports of progress toward fulfillment of offset obligations for the foreign nation, and to support you in recurring offset credit negotiations. recurring credit proposal preparation, and to help you with credit negotiations.


For effective results in achieving your international offsets, countertrade, and foreign industrial participation program objectives, contact:

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